BMW X1 Review

The luxury automotive brand in India – BMW is all set for its revolutionary begin with its new SUV model BMW X1 with three variants in its segment which includes a top end M Line version with sports gear ups. The creators have managed to build the car in such a way where it looks more bold and hot at every corner points!

The vehicle has got a 190 BHP power which can get auto raised upto 228 on sports mode. Acceleration takes you to 100 KMPH from 0 KMPH in just 5-7 seconds. X1 is pumped with a 2500 RPM engine where you will get the best pick up on any level of gears.

BMW X1 has got stunning exteriors and now the interiors are also built up on the luxury side. The ambient lights on the top variant gives you the best feeling while driving at night and the headlights can boom you up on the roads! The quality of the materials used in its production are too incredible and much appreciable.

Even though the price seems to stand on a bit higher side, the car has got more reliability on comparison with its old modal which was a total failure from the manufacturer – BMW. Now, the car is really tough, bold and very stylish and good with its machine performance. The price in India ranges from 31.5 lacs – 54 lacs (INR) and the M sport variant has nothing special to give you but all about more stylish looks and the M badge.

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