Has Demonetisation Affected India?

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has come up with a totally frustrating (for some people) / a totally welcoming (for some other people) decision to ban 500 and 1000 Rupee currency notes from the entire country leading to a drastic change of economic balance in India and its people.

The main motto, as said by the PM and the government is to kill out corruption and to make India a cashless, corruption less economy but things as if now are going weird where big shots are still managing to get updated 2000 Rupee notes where as ordinary poor and needy are still struggling to get money as cash for their daily needs. Many deaths has already been reported from various parts of India and the big markets like NSE and BSE are too facing it difficult to sustain its level of business since last one month time.

Its a clear cut fact that the ordinary people are actually suffering with the prime minister’s decision to withdraw the notes and the big shots are still ruling the entire country with black money. Reports even say that metro cities are still having many corruption enabled money exchange centres whereby the black money holders are easily getting their currencies converted without even going to a bank!

India, as a very wide and vast economy, the prime minister must have atleast thought of the ordinary people before going for such a gigantic decision which is kind of killing people without even having money for food and basic requirements.

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