Macbook Air 13 Inch Review

Apple has introduced its new Macbook Air and here we are with the review of a brand new Macbook Air (13 Inch) in India. As the name suggest, Air is definitely the best Macbook Apple has ever built with its sleek and stylish design, easy to handle system model and a high performance machine to work on with.

Macbook Air has got 11 inch and 13 inch models where 13 inch gives the best resolutions and high end retina display. It weighs very less when compared to the older Macbooks and definitely stands on a higher side on the luxury feel as the notebook is really slim and very handy.

With Intel processors inside and a super speed 8 GB RAM, Air goes like anything through easily. Air has got a big draw back which is the storage memory size which is fairly about 125 GB in the model 1 variant which gets filled very quickly. But Macbook provides external hard disk support to increase the memory limit. Macbook uses high powerful SSD inside.

The display of the new Macbook Air has got much better now and a drastic change is visible at every pixel of your display screen. As usual, Macbook offers you the best in class pixel quality and colour definitions.

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