Rimi Tomy Mingles With Audience Guy

Rimi Tomy, one of the most famous singers from the Malayalam film industry who is more into stage shows and mass audience events in Kerala had a wonderful time with one of her audiences in her latest event happened in a prime location. Rimi is one of a kind singers who takes the audience to a goosebump feeling with her outstanding stage presence and live performances which she does across the globe for her Malayalee audiences. We all know she even performed with king of bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and this time she is performing with an ordinary guy who came to her stage to dance with her.

Rimi Tomy does not ever become rude with her audience while she is performing live on stages. Most of the people are into Rimi Tomy only to enjoy, celebrate and Rimi always understands that this is the kind of attitude people will be looking forward to get from her.

She can uplift the entire audience with her power packed live concerts where she take the minds of each and every individual present in the event as audience.

Rimi also make sures that she sings the song with its right emotions and she has fulfilled that particular point here as well. The guy came and she never restricted him to dance infront of her and she even mingled with the guy and performed with him. Even though people these days cant be believed straight away but yet Rimi is kinda very brave enough to take any kind of things further in her life and she has even mentioned the same in most of her interviews as well. She has a lot of programmes running live now in many television channels as well.

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