Get 2000 Rupees Currency Note Delivered At Your Home By Snapdeal!

Weird it seems but believe us, Snapdeal is going to grab the eCommerce audience with their cant explain move to deliver 2000 Rupees at your doorstep that too without paying a single rupee more with your ATM card or whatever mode you usually pay to Snapdeal.

Snapdeal and other eCommerce giants already have their COD model of payment (cash on delivery) and this term is getting its real meaning now as they are delivering cash itself at their doorsteps. India is badly going through a demonetisation affect where ordinary people are facing it very difficult day by day to manage their daily needs. Snapdeal is looking forward to ease it for the public without letting them go on long queues in banks and ATMs to collect a single 2000 Rupee note.

Snapdeal, to execute their new plan might be signing with any banks in India to make this real otherwise a big question arises from where are these people managing to get 2000 Rupee notes. But anyhow, if this is happening means the entire nation will be using snapdeal for some moment of time to get rid of their financial currency crisis where people have money in their bank accounts but still not able to get it out from the bank as cash.

Narendra Modi has taken a very big decision in banning 500 and 1000 Rupee currency notes from the entire economy and now, ordinary people are really suffering to manage their daily requirements without cash. But still the digital India concept is getting into its reality with Modi’s decision and hope this might get rid of the corruption in India.

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