Taking a nap is always better than meeting your death!

Over 40% of the drivers, especially who go for long journeys prefer night to travel as they can reach more quickly to their destinations through very less traffic and free to ride conditions. Even though the traffic is less and the chance of getting hit and getting to an accident is comparatively lesser than on the morning time, there is a very big risk factor lying whenever you go for night drives especially for your lengthy journeys which is called ‘falling asleep”.

Human brains are made accordingly in a way where it requires a minimum of 6-7 hours sleep daily on an average basis. Of course there are people who can survive for days without sleep but yet a normal brain will definitely go to its sleeping condition once it reaches a limit. Especially on movement, human mind and brain will go faster into sleepy mode as we are completely concentrated on a single thing – ‘driving’.

That is why people, in fact experts say that even though you go for long drives after midnight, take some people along with you who never gets sleepy and can mingle with you sharing stuffs each other so that your mind gets disturbed everytime and thereby making sure that you dont let your brain go to idle mode where its more possible to fell into the deadly sleeping mode while driving.

Most of us never think of a side nap which you can even go on while you are travelling. It may take about 30 minutes of your journey time but yet it can get you may be more than 30 years of life journey without letting you drive to your death! Rather than consolidating and surrendering yourself without sleeping, if you can just side your car and go for a quick nap of minimum 30 minutes, you can get your sleepy mood go away and you can drive fresh and avoid meeting with accidents.

Rather than going for risks, just spare a 30 minutes to live long and drive safe. Heavy vehicles such as buses, lorries etc usually drives in night time but one important thing is that they take sleep in the morning time and then only they drive at night. But for the family drivers like small cars and all, we usually do all our daily activities and then with the tired body and brain, we go on driving which is damn dangerous at all means. So, if possible, do avoid night


drives but if driving though make sure you drive fresh and be prepared for it a day before.


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