Woman stealing a set of clothes

What we are seeing in the video is an epic robbery. The woman in the video is a tricky customer and played with the salesman in the shop. It is one of the shocking robbery you will ever see. Often theft in garments shops are low in intensity. That it is doesn’t cause much damage to the shop owner. But this one here is slightly different from the previous ones. But the theft took place here is a big one. The woman in the video have robbed a bundle of clothes from the shop, that too in a cool manner.

The garment shop is busy as usual. We see a couple of ladies making their entry into the shop. There is also another family on the frame with their daughter. The saleman was trying to help the family with the measurements. Suddenly the lady comes near to the door of the shop and watches out for saleman. When she saw that the salesman is busy in his work, she selects a bundle of clothes to rob. When she lifted it, a man came to the shop. So she dropped the dress bundle and stood as if nothing had happened.

As soon as the man went back from the shop, she picked the bundle and went out through the door. Nobody has any clue about the dress. The salesman wouldn’t have thought something like this in his worst dreams. Luckily this was caught in the CCTV camera placed at the shop. otherwise nobody will have a clue about the bundle of dress. this is why people are urging to place CCTV at every corners of human population. If there was no camera, the missing of these dresses would have remained as a big mystery.

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